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My name is John Keeler. I want to thank you for visiting our website. When I began Blue Star Foods in 1995, I started small and with a vision. to provide the best quality Pasteurized, Refrigerated Blue Swimming Crab Meat and other premium seafood products that could be resourced, processed and presented to our audiences. Blue Star Foods has been an industry leader in several FIP’s (Fishery Improvement Projects). These and several other organizations are in place to protect and ensure Blue Swimming Crab, and other Species does not suffer overharvesting or extinction.

Blue Star Foods has always adhered to a strict edict of quality and best practices within fisheries management. We practice a 3BL (Triple Bottom Line) business philosophy encompassing economic, social and environmental impact. As a leader in green initiative packaging and multiple global sustainability projects, we are committed to a better global seafood economy. Our latest innovation provides an API linked, QR Code enabled application which offers verifiable traceability within our premium Blue Swimming Crab offering and other species soon to come.

We hope you enjoy our products and share our vision for responsible and delicious premium seafood.
Warmest Regards,
John Keeler,
Founder and CEO/CSO