3 Ways Grocery Stores Can Sell More Seafood (2019)

In the heat of the so-called ‘retail wars’, every grocery category is under more scrutiny. Retailers are looking closely at their product offerings. Here are three ways you can gain perspective and make changes to improve your seafood sales.

  1. Look to More Colorful Categories

Color has an amazing impact on the products we choose to buy. By selling colorful, attention-grabbing products, you can set your category up for success.

In the past, categories like meat and seafood were wrapped in butcher paper from a service case. Only recently do we see portioned and packaged meat and seafood become category leaders.

Unlike seafood, other categories utilize more bright colors. That is no surprise – alcohol, coffee, snacks, and canned foods have a long history of perfecting their packaging design.

Typical Center of Store Vs. Typical Seafood Section (a slight exaggeration)

By choosing more eye-catching seafood items, you can anticipate the changing demands of today’s shoppers. According to eCRM, successful items across several categories have bright colors, while less successful items have darker shades and small fonts.

  1. Offer More Convenient Items

Packaging experts Industrial Packaging note that improving convenience in packaging increases overall consumer satisfaction.

According to data giant Nielsen, younger demographics are less interested in canned seafood. Blue Star’s premium quality 6-ounce crab meat pouches are perfect for today’s on-the-go consumer. Our patented foil pouch technology makes for a more convenient consumer experience – just tear and use. It doesn’t make sense to sell inconvenient seafood items. If you currently sell crab meat in a can, you should consider switching to a more convenient offering.

It might also be helpful to look into your household demographics. If your average shopper’s household size is shrinking and your products aren’t, you might be losing sales volume. Especially with fresh items, having a range of product sizes is an important feature of winning grocery categories.

  1. Pick Products That Tell Stories

When you look at recent breakthrough successes in CPG brands, many have social and environmental missions alongside bright, convenient packaging. Breakthrough brands like Hippeas, Harmless Harvest, and Dave’s Killer Bread set themselves apart by appealing to consumers with messages of sustainability and community. Seafood is no different. By purchasing crab meat from Blue Star Foods, you support programs working to improve oceans and small fishing communities.

Consumers are beginning to say “show me” when it comes to sustainability and social responsibility. Don’t just sell products that use eco-labels to communicate. Companies that consistently communicate their social and environmental progress can help your category develop an identity consistent with sustainable practices.

If you are noticing flat sales in crab meat, then our pouch packs might be the missing key. Many of our retail customers note a significant increase in both attraction to the products as well as consumer satisfaction and repeat purchasing.

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