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Our Fishery Improvement Project (FIP)

Our Fishery Improvement Project is designed to improve the traceability, sustainability, and social equity of the fishery.

1. Data-Driven Learning

Machine Learning

Solar-Enabled GPS

Maintained Ecosystems

By equipping boats with solar-enabled GPS and machine learning, we are able to turn remote artisanal fishers into scientists.

When we are able to track the crab population and fishing activities, we better understand how to maintain the ecosystem.

2. Improved Ecosystems

Coastal Cleanups

Fisheries Management

Mangrove Rehabilitation

We improve ecosystems via coastal cleanups, mangrove rehabilitation, and by adhering to and teaching our fishers strict fisheries management systems.

3. Increased Social Equity

150+ Fishermen

4 Fishing Communities

80+ Small Boats

Responsibly sourced seafood means all stakeholders have a seat at the table. 

We are working towards increased social equity via fishing cooperatives, education campaigns, and group registration drives.

These projects aim to reduce costs and improve the lives of the artisanal fishers that catch our seafood. 

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