Complete Traceability from Trap to Plate

Blue Star’s unique application allows you to scan your crab meat and learn who caught it.

Why We Did It

At Blue Star, we believe that traceability and transparency is a cornerstone of sustainability. That is why we developed our own cloud-based traceability application that tracks the movement of seafood from the point of harvest up to the point of sale.

While the NFI Crab Council is a good start (and we are founding members), Blue Star Foods determined we needed to do more and establish our own traceability platform.

How It Works

Data enumerators are able to record and upload raw data right from the data collection site. Boat routes can be tracked real-time using solar-enabled GPS.

All pertinent information on the production side (fishers’s name, boat, gear, and fishing location) can be viewed by scanning the QR code using the Blue Star Foods application.

It is our goal to have 100% of our supply chain QR code enabled.

Watch the Video

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